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Renew Refresh Renew
Are you in need of some spiritual refreshment? Do you feel too tired, too wounded, or too weak to continue running towards the finish line of this race called the Christian life? Then you need a spiritual spa treatment designed for your heart, soul, and mind. Renew, Refresh, Refine…Your heart, soul, and mind is a seven week study of rediscovering who you are in Christ and relaxing in His grace. Get this exciting, unique, in-depth Bible study for your small group or for yourself!

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The Red Carpet Journal
The Red Carpet Journal is a companion tool for studying God’s Word. Designed for personal or group study, this unique journal offers writing and creative space to be washed with the Word and to reflect on truth observed. Copying the Word of God in our own handwriting is one way of opening dialogue with our Creator and Savior. Tracing God’s hand through our own stories affirms His unfailing love and faithfulness. The Red Carpet Journal will help you write God’s Love Letter on your heart, while refreshing your soul!

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