My daughter Reagan cracked her iPod touch yesterday. She was roller-blading and decided to sit for a rest. The only problem was that her rear end was not enough cushioning between the pavement and the force of her weight, so the iPod in her back pocket looks like a bull’s-eye
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Dr. Jeffrey Travis, LMC heart surgeon

Editorial: The Heart of Prayer

Inside a Pre-Op room in Lexington Medical Center’s Surgery Department, a team of cardiac clinicians prepares a patient for what is undoubtedly one of the most overwhelming experiences of their life: open heart surgery. There are IVs, machines and anxious family members. Emotions
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Heidi and Ellie

Lesson from Ellie

Heidi Shumpert has an 11-month old lamb named “Ellie” that has given her much insight to her own relationship with God. FEAR Ellie is timid. If we’re near the road and a car goes by, she shudders. If she hears a loud noise, she flinches. But I’ve never seen her more
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The High Call to Purity

“It seems like only yesterday our daughter was carrying her Barbie dolls around the house. Now, when she leaves for school each morning, she looks like a doll! What does she think about herself?” “Was it that long ago that we had to call our son in at night? He loved to shoot the
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When Greg and I were married on May 20, 2005, I never could have imagined the path that God had for us within those first two years. I had no idea of the pain that would come our way, but also no idea that the faith within my heart would be enough to sustain me and cultivate my
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A New And Better Way

What Would Your Relationships Be Like If You… Treated everyone, including yourself, as a person in process rather than as a machine that performs? Showed in your words and actions that you valued relationships more than time? Listened long enough to understand what another person
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Why We Homeschool

Thirty years ago when homeschooling first reappeared on the educational radar screen, it was limited primarily to families who were, shall I say, unusual. One family that achieved national recognition left their suburban lifestyle and moved to a goat farm in Upstate New York to
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The Hole Truth

It was dark and cold in that hole. In reality, the hole was not that deep, but to a four year old kid, it might as well have been an abyss. I was the four year old, and I cannot remember ever being any more afraid in my life. There was some construction being done in front of our
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