A New And Better Way

What Would Your Relationships Be Like If You… Treated everyone, including yourself, as a person in process rather than as a machine that performs? Showed in your words and actions that you valued relationships more than time? Listened long enough to understand what another person
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Why We Homeschool

Thirty years ago when homeschooling first reappeared on the educational radar screen, it was limited primarily to families who were, shall I say, unusual. One family that achieved national recognition left their suburban lifestyle and moved to a goat farm in Upstate New York to
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The Hole Truth

It was dark and cold in that hole. In reality, the hole was not that deep, but to a four year old kid, it might as well have been an abyss. I was the four year old, and I cannot remember ever being any more afraid in my life. There was some construction being done in front of our
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