Every Living Real story must help the reader answer the question, “What does faith look like with skin on it?”

Article submissions must remain true to the theme of the magazine—real life, real faith, real people. Articles must tell a story of how real life circumstances have challenged and strengthened the writer’s faith by living out God’s Biblical principles. Inserting verses or passages to support the story’s message is highly recommended.

Contributors are not paid, but do retain the rights to their work. Contributors may also list Living Real Magazine on their resume as a place their work has been published.

Each contributor receives 10 copies of the issue in which their work is published (more potentially available upon request).

Article Submission Guidelines

  1. Articles must be original work of the submitter.
  2. Word Count: 300-850 words.
  3. Format: Word Doc, Times New Roman, font size 12.
  4. If your submission has been published before, please state the publication and when it was previously published at the end of your article.
  5. Include a professional headshot (JPEG format) and a 2-3 sentence bio.
  6. Scripture references must be accompanied with the abbreviation of the version used. Italicize verse(s) with no quotation marks. For example:

    In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. (Genesis 1:1 NKJV)

  7. Submit your article in a Word Doc attachment to: hello@livingrealmag.com
  8. In the top left corner of your submission, include the following:
    your name (line one), 
    email (line two), 
    phone (line three), 
    date of submission (line four)
    suggested title (line five).

    For Example:
    Jane Doe
    March 25, 2018
    Article Title

Maximize Your Chances for Consideration

  1. Become familiar with Living Real Magazine to know the types of articles we publish.
  2. Submit one article at a time.
  3. Follow the Article Submission Guidelines carefully.

    The Editor’s Privilege

    1. We reserve the right to edit all contributions for style, clarity and length without the approval of the writer.
    2. By submitting, you are giving Living Real Magazine permission to use your work in the magazine as well as other facets of Living Real Magazine communication: i.e. social media, conferences, teaching material, books, etc.
    3. Because Social Media outlets are where our character is on full display publicly, we reserve the right to pull any article previously selected if we deem an author’s language or actions to be inconsistent with that of Living Real Magazine’s standards, or that which we believe could jeopardize the integrity of the magazine.

    Authenticity and Integrity

    The integrity of Living Real Magazine is of utmost importance to us. It’s our first priority as we seek to represent Jesus Christ well to the world. Though we cannot track down every person’s story submitted, we do try to print stories we know to be true to the best of our knowledge.

    How to Submit

    Attach your submission as a Word Doc and send to: hello@livingrealmag.com

    Please be patient when submitting as we pray over and seek out the best articles possible for each issue. We will contact you if your article is selected.

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