A Servant's Heart for Women in Crisis

An Interview with Aimee Murphy, Client Advocate for Daybreak Ministries


F O R  3 0  Y E A R S , Aimee Murphy has served in a variety of ways with Daybreak Ministries (a faith-based pregnancy medical clinic). Her favorite, though, has been through serving as a Client Advocate. Aimee believes she’s living out her faith in Christ by being involved with this amazing ministry, offering hope and help to those in crisis within her community.

What is the mission of Daybreak?

The mission of Daybreak Ministries is to empower women, men, and families to choose the most positive, healthy, [and] abundant life for themselves and the unborn by providing exceptional care, education, and medical information about sexual health and pregnancy.

How did you become involved with Daybreak Ministries?

A seed was planted in high school when I wrote a term paper on abortion. I was shocked at the different procedures [used in] killing these babies and the [amount of] pictures shown in 

the book! I still have that book! Six years later, I had to rush a co-worker of mine to the hospital not knowing what was wrong with her, only to learn later in the day she almost died from a botched abortion over the weekend. That, for me, was the event that made me realize I needed to do something. I also had been feeling that I needed to get out of my comfort zone and really be sharing my faith with others. So, these events led me to call Daybreak.

What does a Client Advocate do?

I have the privilege of listening to and counseling [with] women who are in a crisis [situation], and loving them where they are without judging them [as we] talk through the three choices they have. Not only do we provide free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds, but [we also provide] other resources to help them, as well as baby items. I love praying and sharing the Gospel with them in hopes that not just one life is being saved, but possibly two!

What are the most challenging and rewarding parts about meeting with clients?

The most challenging aspect of helping clients is knowing most of them are in a crisis [when] I walk into a room, and trusting [the Lord] that I will have the right words to say.

The most rewarding thing is [when] they choose life! I also love taking the girls into Taylor’s Boutique (our baby boutique full of baby items they can earn by attending parenting classes) and seeing their faces light up because they know we are here to help. Sometimes I [even] get to meet their babies when they bring them back to visit. We’re not just giving them a pregnancy test; we’re loving them through a very difficult time in their life by not only providing them emotional and material support, but also offering the hope of the Gospel [of Jesus Christ].

Can you share a client’s story that has profoundly

impacted you?

One of my early clients [gave her baby up] for adoption. I saw the baby the day she was born, thinking I would never see her again. I [eventually] lost track with the mother, but 20 years later she called me to say she had found her daughter and wanted me to meet her. The three of us had a joyous reunion! I learn something [new] from every client. Every time I have an appointment, I am being stretched and my faith grows. Every single one of those girls is valuable. Recently, I ran into a young girl and we started talking about our lives. When she found out that I volunteer at Daybreak she said, “Daybreak saved my life! I now have two children, but I went there with my first.” I was overwhelmed thinking about how Daybreak was used to impact her life in a real, lasting way!

In what ways do you see volunteering for Daybreak as living out the Great Commission?

It gives me an opportunity to serve and to share the Gospel with every client. We encourage our clients to connect [with] a local church. One way they can do that is by participating in a Bible study hosted by some local churches called “Embrace Grace.” [It’s] specifically for single, pregnant women. It’s so important that we [communicate] with them that they don’t have to live in shame [with] their current unplanned pregnancy or from past abortions. I also love a Bible study we offer called “Forgiven and Set Free” for women who have experienced abortion. It helps them walk through their grief and loss using the Word of God [which] always points them to Jesus for their ultimate healing.

What makes Daybreak a unique ministry?

Two things come to mind. First, the staff. They truly have [embraced] the calling on their lives to serve others. It is evident that our full-time staff are people whom the Lord has placed specifically in their positions to serve the community. Second, I love how Daybreak continues to [seek ways to] expand their impact in our community. They recently purchased a Mobile Medical Unit so the wonderful free services and support provided to the clients can now be offered all over the Midlands!

How can others get involved?

We really need more Client Advocates, but there are [also] other ways to serve or financially support Daybreak so the ministry can continue to serve women in the Midlands. Anyone interested, or if you have questions, go to partner.daybreakcola.org to discover service opportunities and get started.


AIMEE is a wife, mother, soon to be grandmother, and lifelong Columbia resident. She serves as a Client Advocate at Daybreak Life Care Center, is the Prayer Chairman and a Senior Leader at Community Bible Study, and an active member of First Presbyterian Church.

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