Untie My Heart

The highly anticipated day finally arrived. Blue skies and a gentle breeze enhanced the excitement as I loaded my four young sons and their new kites into our van. It was kite flying time!

Admiring the beautiful Spring morning, I drove to a specific field I had in mind. I just knew it would be the perfect place for a perfect day. After putting the van in Park, the boys tumbled out and over each other to grab their kites and make a mad dash for the field. I caught my youngest just in time. At four years old,  I was concerned Ethan would have trouble holding onto the kite string, so I made a loop in the string and slipped it around his wrist. After giving it an extra tug to make certain it was secure, he raced to catch up to his brothers. It didn’t take long for the kites to soar on the heights. With four boys laughing with delight, my heart was full.

Then it happened.

An unexpected gust of wind tugged at the kites, and the loop on Ethan’s wrist came untied. His kite was really soaring now. I was certain he would be heart broken, but to my surprise, he started cheering and jumping with joy. “Look Mommy! It’s free! Now it can fly everywhere.”

That evening I settled in to read God’s Word. The verse was Psalm 86:11. When I reached the end of verse eleven, I read, “Untie my heart to fear Your name.” Untie my heart seemed odd, so I reread it out loud, “Unite [u-n-i-t-e] my heart to fear Your name.”

Laughing at how I misread, my thoughts drifted back to our kite adventure.I realized my heart is often tied to things like worry, doubt, insecurity, or sin. 

Being tied to those things keeps me from experiencing the freedom a united heart with the Lord brings. 

I thanked God for the practical lesson and asked Him to show me any disobedient thing my heart was tied to so I could confess it and let it go.

Is your heart tied to something that has fettered you from real freedom in Christ? Ask the Holy Spirit to blow a fresh gust of truth across your heart and untie it so you can soar with Him.

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