Letter From the Editor: Fall 2023

Hello friends,

Tis the season! SEC football, mountain escapes, Trick ‘r Treating, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and all things Winter. Between now and the next issue of Living Real, there will be numerous occasions where we can show Jesus to a world desperate for truth, hope, love, peace, and joy. Tucked between the covers of this volume of Living Real Magazine are life-transforming stories, reflective devotionals, and deeper faith challenges, all steeped in the Word of God, and all designed to help us live out our real faith every day.

What could be better than a hot, peppermint mocha with whipped cream? Find out in this “Ah-Ha” moment devo by Laura Taylor.

Myra Freshwater received a neighbor’s gift of hospitality during a very low point in her life. Did you know that hospitality can be a gift that keeps on giving?

How would you feel about spending Christmas week at the beach with more than 20 family members, one dog and zero internet service? No way, you say? I bet Laura Watts’ story will have you at least thinking about it.

For decades, our society has slowly, subtly sunk into a dark age permeated by deception. Dr. Wayne J. Edwards sounds the alarm! The Church needs to wake up and be on guard. Deception is real, and the Truth of God’s Word is the only way to discern between false teachings and the real Gospel. Don’t miss this timely lesson that points to the truth.

Do you believe the Bible is true? All of it? Another of our favorite pastors, Dr. Don Wilton, expounds on why he believes the Bible is true. It will certainly strengthen your faith. Meet Nolan Collins—Living Real’s new Assistant Editor. Nolan compares his faith journey (which takes him across the country and back again) with his family’s planting of Carolina Reapers. Afterwards, give Nolan’s hand-made Salsa and Barbecue Sauce a try. Look for his ad in this issue.

Do you ever wonder how far the stories of Living Real go? I know copies have traveled to many states in the US as well as places as far as Uganda, England, and South Africa. But, recently, God revealed another unlikely place—behind prison walls.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your blanket, your cup of comfort, and start reading. There just might be a story in here you need today. And when you’re done, please, pass it on.

Keepin’ it real...

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