Letter From the Editor: Fall 2020


The year 2020 is proof we are not created to do life alone. We are better together, especially the Body of Christ.

This is the reason Living Real exists. We want to do life alongside you to encourage and bring you hope. Life may overwhelm us at times, but God is faithful all the time.

Nestled between the covers of this Fall/Winter issue are real life stories penned with comfort and joy. So, settle in with a mug of your favorite blend, relax, and dwell on the goodness and lovingkindness of our Father. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find.

A house fire rocks the world of the Suthard family in Faith Over Fear. Though their house and possessions were destroyed, their faith and joy were not. How is this possible?

In Sickness and In Health. Marriage vows are sacred and not something to be taken lightly. Judith Simpson recalls how a dear friend honored those sacred words with loving affection for his brave and beautiful wife.

What do a morning jog, a rooster investigation, and peace have in common? Check out Dr. David Chancey’s answer in our Going Deeper article. And speaking of roosters, meet Lere at The Barn. She has some tasty, healthy recipes for you to try, and a DIY project that will make you crow!

My Wicked Stepmother is not a fairytale but a true story. A young stepdaughter endures humiliating pain and is left with a deeply wounded heart. Struggling with the impossible, the stepdaughter later in life discovers what’s impossible with man is possible with God. (Luke 18:27)

Did you know spiritual warfare is a real thing? Light vs. dark, good vs. evil — battles are happening all around us. As disciples, we are called into battle against the darkness of sin every day with the Light of Christ living inside us.

In Happily Never-Ending, I use a popular television series and the Word of God to help us distinguish truth from fiction.

One of our younger generation writers is back! Allie Paige Thornton started submitting stories for LR during her middle school years. Today, she’s in college. In our Young Writers Series, AP takes us on a journey to search our hearts and restore our joy.

Yes, there’s more for you here and on our Living Real Podcast. Don’t forget to tune in on the 10th of each month to hear a conversation about real life, real faith, and real people. In these crazy, uncertain times, we must stand strong and press on, because we have nothing to fear when we belong to Jesus.

Keepin’ it Real,

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