Letter From the Editor: Spring 2018

Hello Friends,

My friend Lara and I were catching up in a booth at Panera Bread when our conversation led me to ask her opinion about a book idea that’s been stirring around in my mind for a while. She asked if I’d heard about The Turquoise Table, and I said, “Yes, but I’ve not read the book.”

I had already planned to drop by the local Christian bookstore after our meeting to look for a new read. As soon as I walked in and turned into the first aisle, prepared for a good 30 minutes of perusing book spines and back covers, The Turquoise Table by Kristin Schell practically lunged off the shelf, begging for my attention. I accepted its mysterious invitation and purchased it. Three days later, I had read it cover to cover, and about a month later, my own turquoise table was delivered to my front yard.

Author Kristin Schell is a real person living out real faith in her Austin, Texas real life. She exudes the theme of Living Real Magazine and our desire for our readers to do the same. In her book, she challenges us to come outside and stop hiding behind closed doors. Her simple invitation began with an ordinary picnic table painted turquoise. She  invited neighbors, friends and family to gather with her in the front yard for conversation and to build relationships with each other. Her turquoise table idea has ignited a movement, not only across the United States, but also in six other countries.

Why the color turquoise? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

From my own turquoise table, I’m inviting you to join our LR faith community and conversations. Allow me to introduce you to those already seated around the table. We have two families who have opened their hearts to children: the Underhill family, through the loving option of adoption, and the Hines family, through loving and parenting foster children.

Marie Stevens adds her simple recipe for teaching children how to pray, and Cherie Nettles, our queen of laughter, brings a more serious side to the table this time around. Joeli Mulligan has returned with her take on how ordinary people can impact the world in a big way.

A local pastor’s wife, Kelly Coakley, delves into a hard conversation about her unwillingness to ever get married because of the deep childhood scars her parents’ divorce left on her, and Rachel Britton, a new author friend from New York, originally from London, joins us with her story about learning to trust through her reluctant move to the United States.

KatieEats always tempts our taste buds with wholesome recipes to make and bring to the table, and Dr. Ryan Pack, a new neighbor, and the new pastor of Riverland Hills Baptist Church in Irmo, SC, takes the conversation to a deeper level in our Going Deeper article.

Living Real Magazine has a brand new look, and our website has had a fabulous makeover. We’d love for you to check it out! We’ve added a Living Real Shop where you can purchase printables and other LR items, as well as the option of purchasing subscriptions for the magazine. Just think. You’ll never have to miss another issue ever again! Visit us online today at www.livingrealmag.com.

Welcome to the table. We’re so glad you’re here!

For more information about The Turquoise Table movement, go to TheTurquoiseTable.com.

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