Letter From the Editor: Spring 2022

A storm is brewing Friends,

While rays of sunlight dance like diamonds on lakes, rivers, and oceans, there is a dark cloud looming overhead. Our spiritual enemy is working furiously to lure our most precious of blessings, our children, away from God’s truth, love, mercy, and grace.

I’m going to be very real and transparent with you: My heart breaks with the desperate cries of parents and grandparents asking for prayer and wise counsel. Their children are being accosted with suicidal thoughts, severe depression, and the wounds of self-harm.

Our enemy is targeting all ages. From preschool to college, Satan is wreaking havoc on our children’s mental, emotional, and spiritual stability. The embedding of an anti-God, anti-family, and anti-truth curriculum into classroom instruction, under the guise of “fixing” our children’s mental health problems, is fueling the fires of their destruction.

Our moral compass, rooted in the truth of God’s Word, was given to us by our Creator as a safeguard to protect us from ourselves. For decades, that compass has been trampled on by an “anything goes'' mentality. Removing moral boundaries from society puts all of us and our children on a path of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual destruction.

Though dark forces are pressing in, the light of Christ has the power to make them flee. Hope for today and bright hope for tomorrow comes only through Him.
We, the Church, have the power of His Holy Spirit within us to halt the assault on our children. But we must be strategic in how we plan and launch our attack.
And time is of the essence.

If I’m completely honest, this issue has been one of the toughest issues I’ve ever put together. The enemy does not want you to know what he’s up to, but, in the name of Jesus, we are exposing his tactics and taking our children back. Author Bruce Wilkinson makes this statement in his book, The Prayer of Jabez: “We have been redeemed and commissioned for the frontlines [of spiritual warfare].” Inside this issue we’ve not only provided you with hope and encouragement, but also real solutions to fight the good fight alongside us. Living Real Magazine and the

Living Real Podcast are fully committed to halting the enemy’s assault on our children’s lives. Will you join us? If we don’t stand in the gap, the enemy will win.

Remember, we are never without hope. Christ is the answer. Always has been. Always will be.

Keepin' it real,

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